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Archive for December 2017

Bournemouth Through a Polaroid Lens

Bournemouth Through a Polaroid Lens   Perhaps a little dated, maybe even obsolete now that we carry a high-spec camera phone in our pockets every day; but the Polaroid camera can make photographs look retro and stunning. Bournemouth needs little help when it comes to looking wonderful but through the lens of an instant film…

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Airbnb’s 2017 Best Holiday Destinations

Can you guess what city is it?  “Airbnb has seen a whopping 353% increase in searches for this location..” A spokesperson for Airbnb said: “An unusually warm microclimate, dramatic seascapes, and a buzzing nightlife of clubs and casinos make this city a tempting destination this year.” Bournemouth has been named as the second highest trending…

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Top Tips for Renting Self-Catering Apartments in Bournemouth this Christmas

Why struggle to cramp your entire family into a single hotel room for a Bournemouth holiday adventure this Christmas, when you could get all the comfort and home delights you need from a self-catering apartment instead? Self-catering holiday apartments are a great way to combine luxury and affordability on your next vacation. Designed to give…

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Finding Bournemouth Last-Minute Holiday Deals

Usually, the best way to save yourself some money, and a considerable amount of stress when booking and arranging a family holiday, is to plan well in advance. Unfortunately, for some of us, there simply isn’t an opportunity to plan ahead. For instance, you might find yourself with a last-minute spot of vacation time at…

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The Ghost Village of Tyneham

In November 1943, with the preparations for D-Day being meticulously planned and practiced, The War Office requisitioned 7,500 acres in the Dorset countryside for use primarily as a tank range. This newly acquired land contained the rural village of Tyneham. With 28 days’ notice, the 250 residents were told by letter from C. H. Miller…

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