Bournemouth Through a Polaroid Lens


Perhaps a little dated, maybe even obsolete now that we carry a high-spec camera phone in our pockets every day; but the Polaroid camera can make photographs look retro and stunning. Bournemouth needs little help when it comes to looking wonderful but through the lens of an instant film camera, the town becomes a beautiful, nostalgic memory. Here are six photos of Bournemouth looking stunning in the winter sun!

1.  The Heady Heights of the Pier.

Daring enough to take a ride on Bournemouth pier’s infamous Rock Reef zip-line? Stepping off the tower from 60 feet, you’ll soar through the air and land back on the beach on the world’s first pierto-beach zipline. If dare-devil antics aren’t your thing – roll out a picnic blanket, soak up some of the famous Bournemouth sun and watch the boats drift out from Poole Harbour and across the sea. The golden beaches stretch for miles, so you’ll always be sure to find a quiet spot!

2. Skating in the Park

Over the chillier and festive months, in Bournemouth’s Lower Park an ice-rink is erected to allow any Tom, Dick, and Harry to become a magnificent Torvell and Dean: pirouetting and slaloming around the rink displaying a wonderous amount of talent. (Failing that you can always just grip the handrail and edge yourself round the rink, very, very slowly.)

3.The festive stalls in the Christmas market

There’s an exciting energy around Bournemouth town centre at Christmas time: it’s the wonderful community spirit combined with the magic that seems to present itself all around the town. This energy is evident in the town centre’s Christmas market. What better way to fill an evening or weekend than sitting in the Alpine Lodge, sipping a Bailey’s hot chocolate, and tucking into some fish and chips.


4. BH2

In BH2, the recently built shopping centre, you’ll find an incredible array of food outlets, including Nandos, Pizza Express, Ask Italian, Five Guys – the list goes on. You’ll also find a 10-screen multiplex cinema, showing the latest releases. This shopping duplex is right in the centre of town, so you’ll never have to go far to find quality entertainment!

5. Bournemouth and Beyond!

If your wish is to explore, the taxi rank and bus station, directly between the cinema and the high street will take you to the edge of the town and beyond. Take advantage of Bournemouth’s excellent transport links and visit Corfe Castle or go deer spotting in Arne Nature Reserve.

6. Endless golden beaches

Returning to the beach, the walk from Bournemouth to Boscombe pier is the perfect Boxing Day stroll. The elevated land on the left of the photo is East cliff, an idyllic spot to have lunch and take in the wide vista. Beyond Boscombe pier sits Hengisbury Head, a wonderful, picturesque nature reserve, enjoyed by people for thousands of years!

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