Can you guess what city is it? 

“Airbnb has seen a whopping 353% increase in searches for this location..”

A spokesperson for Airbnb said: “An unusually warm microclimate, dramatic seascapes, and a buzzing nightlife of clubs and casinos make this city a tempting destination this year.”

Bournemouth has been named as the second highest trending destination for 2018, based on booking increases over the last year – by Airbnb.

By analysing the worldwide destinations that have doubled, tripled or more in bookings compared to 2017, the home-sharing platform found that the town on England’s south coast is up 353% since last year.

Top 10 Trending Destinations:

1. Gangneung, Korea

2. Bournemouth, UK

3. Edmonton, Canada

4. Indianapolis, USA

5. Da Nang, Vietnam

6. Columbus, USA

7. Gazimagusa, Cyprus

8. Bilbao, Spain

9. Hanoi, Vietnam

10. Matinhos, Brazil

Source (Daily Star)

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