Holiday Complaints Procedure Explained

Our staff members work hard to ensure that everything is correct and that we serve our customers to a high standard. If you have a general complaint please call our office during office hours and speak to a member of the sales staff who will do their best to help. Please be advised that the ‘out of hours’ number is for urgent maintenance issues only. The number is manned by a third party contractor who does not have access to our booking system or client data base. We want to do whatever we can to correct any reasonable complaint so please contact us as soon as possible. Please be advised that we are unable to entertain retrospective complaints i.e. instances where we have not had the opportunity to address the issues whilst you were our client or tenant. We take complaints seriously and will thoroughly investigate any complaint in order to correct it and to avoid re occurrence. Most issues can be resolved without you having to make a formal complaint. If we can not or do not address your complaint to reasonable satisfaction, You have the right to:

  • Have your complaint dealt with efficiently, and be properly investigated
  • Know the outcome of any investigation into your complaint If you wish to make a formal complaint then please follow the process below:

Making a complaint If you do not feel like you can solve issues informally then you should make a formal written complaint via letter or email. The formal complaint must come from the party whom signed into the agreement, or you may provide authority for a third party to act on your behalf. A manager will investigate your concern and you will be provided with a full and prompt reply within 14 working days. You will receive the findings of the investigation together with changes or training that has taken place as a result of the investigation. Please provide as much information as possible: • your name and contact details • property details • a clear description of your complaint and any relevant times and dates • any relevant correspondence, if applicable

When should I complain? As soon as possible. Complaints should normally be made as soon as the matter first came to your attention, however we will allow up to 28 days after the event.


Residential Complaints Procedure Explained

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