There’s a lot of beauty and magic to explore across Bournemouth when the sun is shining and you’ve got a thirst for adventure in your heart. Unfortunately, as people who frequently visit the UK, or live here know all too well – we can’t always rely on the weather. The good news is that if you’ve invested in a trip to Bournemouth and the heavens open during your vacation – you can still have a great time.

There are countless things that you can do and see in Bournemouth without having to get drenched by the rain. Here, we’ll look at just some of our favourites.

1.    Have a Whale of a Time 

Leave the rain outside and explore a whole new kind of water with the Bournemouth Oceanarium. Boasting the world’s first interactive dive cage, the Oceanarium allows you to explore close encounters with great white sharks and dolphins – without ever getting wet. The good news is that although you will get swallowed by a virtual whale during your experience, you’ll still have plenty of time to explore the other attractions.

2.    Take in the Culture

Whether the weather’s terrible or not during your trip to Bournemouth, you should definitely make the time to head to the Russel-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum. This Clifftop gallery is brimming with incredible and exciting things. Housed within a villa on the top of a Bournemouth cliff, it was built by the incredible and famous Sir Merton Russel-Cotes as a gift for his wife on her birthday.

To make the location more beautiful, Merton filled the home with paintings from his collection that were acquired during his adventures around the world. The good news? Admission is totally free!

3.    Get a Taste of the Past

Finally, if exploring the coastal town of Bournemouth has left you feeling peckish, then why not explore the elegant old building that once played home to the town newspaper. The location of the Daily Echo was transformed into an eatery that looks as though it was taken straight from Paris. The restorative workers simply brushed up the Art Deco architecture, kept the high ceilings, and added a few crystal chandeliers to make an incredible restaurant.

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