As one of the most appealing southern coastal towns in Britain, Bournemouth prides itself on its collection of incredible activities to enjoy, sights to see, and things to do. Whether you’re simply making the most of the friendly welcome that the locals have to offer, or you’re enjoying an action-packed thrill-ride as part of your vacation, Bournemouth really does have something for everyone.

Located just between Southampton and Plymouth, this bustling seaside town draws in more active holiday-makers every day. Despites it’s thrilling collection of activities, the coastal town remains to be one of the most beautiful beach destinations that the UK has to offer.

Activities You Must Try

Whether you’re new to Bournemouth, or you just want to see the town from a new perspective, there are countless ways to spend a weekend, or a fortnight of fun and frivolity. From city explorer treasure hunts, to extreme quad biking solutions. For those who like to live their life with a focus on athletics, some of the most popular solutions include:

  • Footgolf tournaments: Want something a little more exciting than the average game of golf? Why not try footgolf? All you need to do is kick the ball into the hole, avoiding the rough and sandpits along the way.
  • Wake boards and water skiing: There’s got to be a good reason that Bournemouth has so many beautiful bodies of water to offer. Whether you want to try wake boarding, or you’re learning how to water ski for the first time, make sure you stay safe and strap on your life jacket.
  • Archery and axe throwing: Ever pictured yourself as a knight or warrior? Try learning the ropes with some archery or axe throwing lessons in some of the most beautiful locations Bournemouth has to offer.

When it comes to sporting holidays, the opportunities are endless for Bournemouth visitors. Whether you’d prefer to sit in a canoe and tackle the rapids, play a few gentle rounds of gold, or learn how to surfboard, waterski, and kayak, there are plenty of ways to stay fit and have fun during your time at the coast.

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