Looking for a romantic vacation idea that’s a little different to all the rest? You don’t need to pay the prices of Paris, or zip off to Venice to romance your other half this year, all you need is a little creativity, and a few days in Bournemouth, the UK’s favourite coastal town. Whether you’re strapped for cash and looking for an adventure on a budget, or you’re hoping to plan something truly unique for your next anniversary, Bournemouth has it all.

Here, we’re going to share our five favourite ideas for romantic vacations in Bournemouth.

1.    Go Ice-Skating

Whether it’s summer, winter, or spring, an indoor ice rink at Bournemouth can be just the thing to get the sparks flying in your relationship all over again. Whether you’re a total beginner, or you and your partner know how to do even the most challenging of tricks, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of great music and fun in among the ice.

2.    Go Ape

If you feel absolutely bananas about your other half, why not try a more energetic romantic vacation with the “Go Ape” event at Moors Valley. When you’re strapped in, you can go swinging through the trees with your loved one in a truly innovative experience unlike anything else on earth. This really is a date to remember.

3.    Get Royal

Looking forward to taking in some of the sights and splendour? Why not visit the ruins of Corfe Castle, then sit down together for a delightful picnic in the grass as you lose yourself in the historical stories of days gone by?

4.    Explore the New Forest

If you love the sights of nature almost as much as your partner, why not take a trip into the New Forest? With such a stunning national park to explore, you can make sure that you have a truly magical day. See the wild horses, snuggle up for a romantic picnic, or visit one of the many gorgeous pubs for a drink and a spot of lunch. There’s so much to do, and it’s all free!

5.    Take to the Skies

Finally, what could be more romantic than your very own balloon ride? One of the most beloved features of the town, the Bournemouth Balloon is perfect for exploring the entire coast in style. The weather permitting, this could be most romantic trips you ever take, as you share a kiss in front of the sunset.

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