Most people think of Bournemouth as a stunning seaside town, brimming with beautiful lakes, great shopping centres, and places to relax and unwind. However, it can also be an action-packed location full of excitement – and perfect for people who like to enjoy their vacations in groups. In fact, this bustling coastal location is drawing in more stag parties every year!

Whether you’re looking for a stag weekend vacation that everyone will remember for a life time, or you simply want to enjoy some time in the happiest place that Britain has to offer, Bournemouth has it all.

What to Do on a Group Holiday in Bournemouth

What you decide to do during your group holiday in Bournemouth will often depend on the nature of your vacation. For instance, if you’re looking for a way to celebrate your last days of being single, then you might want to hit up some of the many bars that the seaside city has to offer, after a rip-roaring game of paintball with the lads.

On the other hand, if you’re simply traveling with loved ones and you want to soak up as much as you can before you need to return home, we recommend:

  • Making a trip to the Oceanarium, to discover the wonders of sea-life
  • Get yourself onto the Bournemouth Eye for a chance to see the town by air.
  • Make a splash at the beach
  • Explore the masterpieces at the Russel-Cotes Gallery and Museum
  • Surf out on the waters of The Pier or Boscombe Beach
  • Visit the tomb of Frankenstein creator, Mary Shelly.

If you’re a party animal, then you don’t have to settle for even a single quiet night at Bournemouth. With a huge variety of trendy clubs and bars to choose from, you’re sure to find something that catches your eyes. There are plenty of clubs dotted along the Old Christchurch road which are happy to serve an array of bubbling cocktails and happy DJs that will transform and revive any evening. If you want your party to stay close to the sea, then get along to the Waterfront bar at the Poole Quay, where you can find the locals dancing the night away.

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